Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pernicious pdf files!

Our patrons are having a terrible time printing from pdf files. It seems our printer driver does not want to recognize the data when sent using the File---Print menu. You have to use the printer icon in the pdf's own environment to print it properly. Woe. I have put out signs to guide us along. Hope it smooths the way!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Benzene spill headed for Khaborovsk

We got word today that our friends in Khaborovsk are expecting the benzene spill in China's Harbin city to reach them at the beginning of next week. Everyone there on the Amur River is nervous about the efectiveness of the amends offered from China in protecting their drinking water. Here is a small story about the progress thus far from Forbes Magazine online.

First snowfall today!

Broke out the YakTrax and headed to work today in lots more snow than was on the ground when Susan and I went to the gym at 5:20 am! It was beautiful on the mountains but by the time I got to the library, my heels were wet and frozen. That will teach me to wear boots! The library director directed us to decorate (she doesn't like it either!) and so we ho-ho-ho-ed our way to a semi-happy state of organization and got it finished. It does look more festive. I really wanted to curl up by the radiator and the big windows and read a book but, alas! Our patrons needed to find stuff and that IS my job so......students are scrambling to finish projects and papers so we had a steady stream but everyone seemed under control. No crying, anyway. Not that there is anything wrong with that.