Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Foo-Foo La Roo---go easy on the perfume!

Some ladies and gentlemen are wearing WAYYYYYYYYYY too much perfume and cologne. One patron just about knocked me silly a few weeks back. I could hardly catch my breath. She asked me for help and I think I did not treat with my usual exuberance because I could not breathe! Musk is so hard on some folks that often doctors have it posted in their offices asking patients not to wear it.

A little goes a long way! Go easy!

ERC Printer cannibalized itself!

Holy Moley! The printer in the ERC has huge ISH! As it turns out, the fuser turned on itself and tried to eat its way out. Not a pretty sight. So, strategies to cope may be:
--research but send the articles to yourself by email
--save them to a flash drive
--print out your papers in the lab on the third floor
--send them to me and I will print them out for you (sporter@eou.edu)
--realize that being a Luddite is not all bad!

The part will be in tomorrow so Koby, our brave repair person will have it snapped back into shape on Wednesday.

Thank you for your patience. This is the first time this printer has been down in two years.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's crying time again! Pitfalls!

Two calamitous items this week:

1. We only support Microsoft Word here in the library. If you expect to print it here and you do not have Word at home, save as "RTF" or cut and paste it into an email to yourself. Some word processors even let you "Save As" and Word is in the list. Or...try an online word processor like Zoho Writer that is just like Word only it is online and you can save your work online to print out wherever you find yourself working next. Too cool!

2. Files cannot be saved on the library computer. They will disappear by the next day. Buy a flash drive, email docs to yourself, access your EOU server space....just don't depend on saving to our hard drives.