Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Organized--Another Chance!

I know...I know..who wants to think of the new term when we are in the throes of finishing this one? But...over the winter break is a good time to let your stress seep out and renew your body and spirit! I am using the break to clear my head and organize my life in different ways now that graduate school is over (next Friday!) I have become a devotee of David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done (GTD). His methods of organization are designed to clear the stuff that keeps you awake at night, out of your head and into a "system." I have been working on perfecting my system but I still mess up now and again. More tweaking is in order!

Check him out on YouTube at: and his website is found here:

Lest you think his ideas are just for corporate geeks, think again. He can teach you to develop a system that can be designed to aesthetically appeal to you and you alone. It can be the thing you need to get it all together. It need not cost you money to buy an expensive planner, etc. There are people who devise all types of hacks to make their own systems. They are called DIYers (Do It Yourselfers) and their forums are found at:

Take some time to kick back over the break and think of ways to make life less stressful by getting organized. After all, the time you save is your own!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The FINAL stretch!

We are waiting for the final barrage of students to frantically throw together those last minute assignments. I saw poster boards yesterday all ready to go for a presentation, some heads together working on group projects. We are open until midnight over the next two weeks so come and get 'er done! Our staff awaits your bidding!

On Wednesday at 11 AM to 1:30 PM we are feeding our student workers in Room 114 to say "Thanks!" We appreciate their dedication to Pierce Library.

Oh, and 13 more days until Graduate School is over----not that I am counting or anything! Best of luck to all of us as we wind down the days until Winter Holiday!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Something's A-foot! Oh, it's me!

Last Wednesday's surgery on my left foot to correct a hammertoe and bunion went well. At least from what I could see in my twilight sleep! I heard the saws but figured it was happening to someone else, somewhere else. Amazing what drugs can do to make these procedures so do-able. Anyway, I overestimated my ability to bear pain and the prescription that I had did not cut it. Miserable night. I got better stuff the next day and all was well. I have had two nights of better sleep. Goofed today, though. I created a foolproof way to take a shower AND keep my foot dry. I don't know what happened except it did. I got out of the shower with a bag of water around my foot. Yikers! I quickly dried it off with a hair dryer but the boot is still dampish. I hope I do not get foot rot, or some such dreadful condition. I just have to get through until Monday's checkup. I want to go back to work!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

One more month of Grad School!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While this may be exhilarating to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Dr. Kusack reminded me once that the light could be a train coming at you! I can't afford to let down until December 7th so I am working every available free moment. Projects are still being assembled, readings still coming at me, and so much more to cram into my head. It IS exciting to look over the last two years while I create my portfolio to see all the work that has been finished and the topics that I have learned about. It is amazing that that much work has been amassed and it gives me a clear picture of my strengths of content and areas I would like to continue to grow in. I am so fortunate to have had so much support from colleagues, friends, and family to succeed these last two years in my studies. More accolades later. I owe so much to my profs and classmates at Southern Connecticut State.

Thursday, November 01, 2007