Monday, November 05, 2007

One more month of Grad School!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While this may be exhilarating to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Dr. Kusack reminded me once that the light could be a train coming at you! I can't afford to let down until December 7th so I am working every available free moment. Projects are still being assembled, readings still coming at me, and so much more to cram into my head. It IS exciting to look over the last two years while I create my portfolio to see all the work that has been finished and the topics that I have learned about. It is amazing that that much work has been amassed and it gives me a clear picture of my strengths of content and areas I would like to continue to grow in. I am so fortunate to have had so much support from colleagues, friends, and family to succeed these last two years in my studies. More accolades later. I owe so much to my profs and classmates at Southern Connecticut State.


Zoe B said...

I love this photo - do you happen to remember where ou found it?

Anonymous said...

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