Thursday, November 01, 2007

Campus Re-Organization


Soos said...

Are you OK, Sharon?

sporter said...

Kinda. I have a job in a classified position. The other librarians offered me a class or two online to keep my feet in some type of professional work until I can get a job on my own. The librarian position I was aspiring to got cut so there is no career ladder now. So, I am applying to many parts of the US in hopes that by some miracle there is also a position for my husband who is tenured and very happy here. Woe. The lives of two-career families in a state that can't figure out how to fund higher education.

Soos said...

Hang in there, Sharon. I'm still looking for a permanent position.

I enjoy reading when you do post. You have positive energy that your institution will miss.

Hugs and best to you.

Aloha, Soos

sporter said...

Soos, Good luck on the job hunt! Maybe I will see you on the trail! Thanks for the nice thoughts.