Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another life FIRST-frothing milk!

Yesterday, under the tutelage of Shauntay, I frothed my first milk to make lattes at our coffee cart, Magna Cum Latte. It was so cool! (or should I say 160 degrees!) The students practiced yesterday and did a magnificent job. Pierce Library is putting great effort into this project to make the library more like a living room for students and faculty to relax, research. and study. There will be promotions and coffee cards to track purchases toward a free coffee. Keep watching this space for hours and days. Tentative opening is September 10th at 7:30 AM or as soon as the cart warms up, until 11AM. See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The clothes are not what I would call hung up yet but at least everything is out of the suitcases. This included the excellent cans of Skyline Chili that will try to get us through the winter until another trip to Ohio brings more. For those of you not enlightened about Skyline Chili, you do not know what you are missing! A four-way can make your day!

In the library we are on skeleton crew as the staff finishes up summer vacations. We are kept busy by people visiting La Grande and wanting info about their deceased relatives. Since parking is free, they pile in here looking for newspaper articles, obituaries, and items donated in the past.

We continue to try to work on special projects in the spare moments. The Photo Archive project has halted since the personnel on that project are now holding down the service desks. The scanners are being put on other projects until the flow begins again from the photo archive personnel. The Observer Project is stopped as we lost our data-entry and indexing personnel. So, things are not moving as fast as I wanted them to. Working reference has slowed down my progress on the OH-GR Project. That time of year when Peter is paying Paul!

I continue to study Spanish, work on my summer grant proposal for Dr. Liu at SCSU, and play my heart out with The Summit Ridge Band in the evenings. Life is good!