Friday, December 14, 2007

One happy cat. . . "A" in Research Class

I am one happy cat! Dr. Brown graded our research papers, portfolios, and special project work already. That's a lot of reading. Now, it is my job to hawk the research to a publisher!

I had surgery in Portland on Tuesday and am very sore. More so that I dreamed. I can't even bend over and put on my own shoes. I wasn't expecting the pain to be so severe. I figured out a way to sleep in our bed that does not slam me when I try to get out. Last night I rested better than any night so far. So, I am doing light work--Christmas card addressing, writing email, journaling, and knitting some Christmas presents. I have Matt conned into moving some knitting books downstairs to make room for my professional books amassed these last two years. Whadda guy!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The end is near!

Just three more days of Finals Week and we are free birds for a bit. As usual, our students handled the pressure with grace and aplomb! Best wishes for good marks this term. Relax on break, be safe traveling, and enjoy some fun things! You deserve it.

I will be finishing my graduate work on Friday. Last night, after staring at periods, commas, citations, and the last paragraph so many times that I was second-guessing every little squiggle, I decided to end my misery and file my last two final projects. I think at some point you become ineffective as your own editor. So, those weights are off my shoulders and onto my profs. I hope they are charitable people! Now, the next step.....what to do with the rest of my life.

More about that later...when I start to breathe easier and really realize that the pressure is over.

Location is everything!

Patrons are having a lot of trouble finding materials on their own. They get the call number and title down just great! They don't check to see WHERE the material is housed. With all the special collections and various mediums in the library, the call number means very little without the location of the material being sought. I wonder if we should change the field on the OPAC to a flashing box or some sort of signal to get the patron's' attention. Maybe an audible "Hey! Do you know where you are going?" Something! If you have any ideas, let's hear them!