Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inviting Comments-Our URLs for Blogger-- ED 642

Krista Pagano:
Christina van der Kamp
Charissa McCulloch
Abe Currin
Susan Albertson
Marcella Bosch
Madison Bailey
Brenda Martin:
Amanda Corbridge
Sharon Porter
Lari Whitbeck
Toni Forrest
Ben Iverson
Denise DeTienne/Moody
Karla Macy (is awesome!)
Kari Pack
tasha humbert
Jerri Moro
Erin Ontko
Donna Brown -
Becky Wade-
Dollie Becktold
Molli Vineyard
David Ratzlaff
Amanda Brent
Elijah Romer

Today, we are making blogs through Blogger. They are intended as a mechanism for reflection on our teching practice. This will be very useful for our work sample reflections on our lesson plans and for our action research reflections. We are also sharing with three cohort colleagues so that we can practice being supportive of each other.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blooging Blather

We are starting blogs today and electronic journals to capture our thoughts. Sometimes, like the scoring guide/rubric conversion example, went to pieces because I am fogged in my brain! Later today will make more sense.