Monday, January 19, 2009

Still no wireless internet. The technician thinks there is a problem with the radio installed on the roof. It keep s putting out the same IP numbers as the tower itself. . . or some such. Patience, Grasshopper! meanwhile I am still on my previous service until I can feel confident that all is well. The price of pioneering!

My new iPod Nano arrived and my...this is a cool way to lose weight. My original iPod is the size of a very heavy deck of cards. I had replaced the battery once and now it is not charging up again. Time to retire it to a family member who doesn't mind being tethered to an electrical socket. Came at a great time to study the chorus parts of the Reluctant Dragon and the Mardi Gras tunes for February 24th's gig. Does that mean spring is coming??????

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Spent ten days in Ohio and lot of that time spent getting three households (my parents, brother and sister) connected to high-speed internet. Came home to no telephone service to the house and NO internet. Started classes on Monday and Man! I found out I use the internet for everything! A news service is being installed on Friday. Yippee! No more phone lines....all wireless!