Friday, June 22, 2007

We need YOU! Hiring at Pierce Library!

We are hiring for Fall 2007 as I write this! We have openings in most positions in the service areas of ERC/Circulation, shelving, shelf reading, and Government Documents. Our interview process is painless and quick-just about thirty minutes of your time. We do telephone interviews, too, so don't let the fact that you are in New York on vacation slow you down.

We are an excellent employment choice for work-study students. Your class schedule and other commitments are planned around when we work out a work schedule. We are very flexible to arrive at a schedule that supports you and your academic life.

Call 541.962.3780 for an application and interview time. Or write to and an application will be sent to you via email. Join the Pierce family!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Back in the saddle-again! Summer School at SCSU

After three short weeks of rest, I am back in school again. This time working on a Field Project for Dr. Yan Liu. I am writing a grant proposal for a digital library (topic undisclosed to avoid tempting an industrial spy!) I am finding it hard to stay focused with our school year winding down here and all the grad parties, recitals, potlucks, departmental hooplah. It is hard to serve all masters with equal energy! Thank Goodness I set a timeline and am using that as I would any course syllabus. To adhere to my own deadlines is discipline indeed!

DRAT! Opening documents from EOU email

Some students are telling me that they try to open Word documents from their email and in the ERC the computers default to WordPad when the document opens. WordPad does not reflect their spacing and format.

To avoid that, right click on the document in email and "save as target" to the Desktop. Open up Microsoft Word and then under the File menu, open the document on the Desktop that you saved and ta da! your formatting should be intact--just like you left it before you sent it through the campus email system.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Coffee Break Spanish...excelente!

I know, I know...multitasking is really not being efficient, so says the research but...I am not filling my head with the non-harmonic music that is piped in full-blast into the gym each morning! I found Coffee Break Spanish to be just my cup of latte. It is a fifteen-minute or so program that I download on my iPod (I subscribe so it is easy to get this free and automatically downloaded through iTunes every week.) It is conversational Spanish and the hosts of the show are Scottish. It is a different twist- cutting through the Scottish accent to get to the Spanish- but it is like getting two cultures at once! Profesor Mark teaches the Spain-ish dialect in the instruction but he often points out sounds that are different in Mexican or Latin American Spanish. I am so enchanted by the show that I am now a bonus member that allows me to download pdf forms of the lessons, flashcards, and bonus broadcasts that often have relaxation elements that are very effective in lowering your anxiety while learning vocabulary.

Encantada Coffee Break Spanish. Este es la URL link:

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Whole Lot of Powerpoint Goin' On!

I look up often to see what is going on out there and if I don't see FaceBook or MySpace, I often see some Powerpoint presentations being constructed. There were so many yesterday, I thought I was teaching a clinic on the product. I also learned a thing of two and if I am wrong, someone please tell me more elegant ways to produce the same results. In particular, when a creator wants to use chemical symbols that require a subscript as in H20 (I can't do that properly in this dinky word processor), you have to highlight the letter that needs to be "sub-scripted" and change it in the Font menu under EDIT. It is a bit tedious if you have a group of them to do. Anyone know a better way?