Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Coffee Break Spanish...excelente!

I know, I know...multitasking is really not being efficient, so says the research but...I am not filling my head with the non-harmonic music that is piped in full-blast into the gym each morning! I found Coffee Break Spanish to be just my cup of latte. It is a fifteen-minute or so program that I download on my iPod (I subscribe so it is easy to get this free and automatically downloaded through iTunes every week.) It is conversational Spanish and the hosts of the show are Scottish. It is a different twist- cutting through the Scottish accent to get to the Spanish- but it is like getting two cultures at once! Profesor Mark teaches the Spain-ish dialect in the instruction but he often points out sounds that are different in Mexican or Latin American Spanish. I am so enchanted by the show that I am now a bonus member that allows me to download pdf forms of the lessons, flashcards, and bonus broadcasts that often have relaxation elements that are very effective in lowering your anxiety while learning vocabulary.

Encantada Coffee Break Spanish. Este es la URL link:


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