Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Whole Lot of Powerpoint Goin' On!

I look up often to see what is going on out there and if I don't see FaceBook or MySpace, I often see some Powerpoint presentations being constructed. There were so many yesterday, I thought I was teaching a clinic on the product. I also learned a thing of two and if I am wrong, someone please tell me more elegant ways to produce the same results. In particular, when a creator wants to use chemical symbols that require a subscript as in H20 (I can't do that properly in this dinky word processor), you have to highlight the letter that needs to be "sub-scripted" and change it in the Font menu under EDIT. It is a bit tedious if you have a group of them to do. Anyone know a better way?

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sarahjean said...

You can customize your toolbar to include subscript...just go to view, toolbars, customize, formatting, and scroll to the subscript option. You can then drag and drop it to wherever you want it on your toolbars. Nice. Until your cluttered toolbars take over the screen!