Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Organized--Another Chance!

I know...I know..who wants to think of the new term when we are in the throes of finishing this one? But...over the winter break is a good time to let your stress seep out and renew your body and spirit! I am using the break to clear my head and organize my life in different ways now that graduate school is over (next Friday!) I have become a devotee of David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done (GTD). His methods of organization are designed to clear the stuff that keeps you awake at night, out of your head and into a "system." I have been working on perfecting my system but I still mess up now and again. More tweaking is in order!

Check him out on YouTube at: and his website is found here:

Lest you think his ideas are just for corporate geeks, think again. He can teach you to develop a system that can be designed to aesthetically appeal to you and you alone. It can be the thing you need to get it all together. It need not cost you money to buy an expensive planner, etc. There are people who devise all types of hacks to make their own systems. They are called DIYers (Do It Yourselfers) and their forums are found at:

Take some time to kick back over the break and think of ways to make life less stressful by getting organized. After all, the time you save is your own!

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