Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It is Microsoft Word, Folks!

Yes, monopoly or not...Microsoft Word is the standard word processor for sharing files with others and for printing in public labs. Several times this week, I have had to disappoint students when I tell them we only have Word.

Can't afford it? (It is SPENDY!!!!!!) Here are some inexpensive options...like in FREE!

Zoho Writer is an online word processor that stores your files for you in the sky somewhere so that you can move from computer to computer with impunity.

OpenOffice is the complete suite that produces compatible files with Word and the other parts of the suite.

Not free, but somewhat manageable:

ThinkFree is $49.95 and is also available for online access.


Jonathan Crow said...


Thanks for commenting on ThinkFree. Just to let you know, thinkfree Online is a free service for creating and editing word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files.


Sharon Porter said...

Awesome...anything to help out the starving students! Thanks!

Alex said...

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