Friday, January 26, 2007

Bonkin' Biblio! Espresso Machine for Books!

Now, I have seen everything! An ATM or a coffee machine approach to getting a paperback book. There are machines now (at $50,000 each--let's buy two!) that access a database for the book (usually in the public domain) , print it, glue and bind it and spit it out at you! Here's the Fortune Magazine article that talks all about it!

Just more being on a long flight with only the SkyMall Magazine to read. Or, needing Huck Finn for a paper and the library does not open until 9 AM! Or Aunt Tessie's birthday is tomorrow and she really loves poems of Emily Dickinson. You can even print and bind your own private musings or the latest Great American novel you wrote last week!


namd3r said...

Wow, that sure is something! I've never seen or even heard of that before today. Only 50 grand? I should get one, actually. I mean, sure it would mean selling all that I have and giving up food for awhile, but having a seemingly endless supply of books seems like it would be worth it.

Maggie Swanger said...

I love it. We go from the good ol' fashioned printed book, to the age when everyone believes that eBooks will replace all paper, and now we seem to have married the two -- a crazy device that takes the electronic word and creates a tangible, paper book.

P.S. Love what you are doing with your tutorials, Sharon.