Monday, September 24, 2007

Pocket Agenda for Free

Have a planner but too big to carry around? Wanna be more mobile?

In my never-ending quest to get organized, I have hit on a system that works for me, Getting Things Done by David Allen. More about that later. In the process, I have met lots of fellow geeksters who are mad to figure out how to get through the day without missing something. One of them told me about this website:

It is a way to construct a mobile agenda, shopping list, formula list, to do list, etc. You put in eight mini-pages, by dragging in an order that makes sense to you, and print them out. Using the folding instructions, it makes a little book to slip in your pocket or purse. It is very cool! No more lugging around your big planner but yet it keeps your appointments, lists, to do list very close to you!

You can even download the PC software and customize it to fit your needs.


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