Thursday, February 07, 2008

Email email out

Here's the bring your laptop into the library and are working away. You check your email over the wireless network here at Pierce and here comes the assignment from Professor X. You need to ask a clarifying question and BAM! the email cannot be sent. What's with that?

Well, it is all about security. The scenario can get ugly if email COULD be sent from the wireless system in the library. A bad spammer person could enter our facility and spam anonymously using our infrastructure. Not going to happen!

So, while it may be annoying to have Outlook (PC) or Mail (Mac) just collect your OUT emails and not send them, it is for the common good. Of course, if you use the internal web-based email system, the email will go through.

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Nganu said...

Lek ngono ben ra lemot, monggo sedot wae, ora panas og :)