Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am sad...Musetta passed away!

Yesterday, Musetta made a mad dash across 4th Street---not a good plan for any creature, not matter how fast they think they are!-- and was hit by a car and killed instantly. The driver felt so bad and at first, I was very concerned that he was comforted than the actual loss of Musetta. He was a student of mine a few years ago, a sweetheart, and is a sensitive young man. After hugs and assurances that he did the right thing and that we appreciated that he was not hurt and that he actually stopped to console us (amazing!), he drove off, evening ruined, I am sure. We were then left with the grief and the task of burial. We buried her at the other side of my favorite bench, opposite G. Thanks who died almost a year ago. It is comforting to have those creatures' still nearby when we are outside reading on that bench.

Musetta was a hard cat to cozy to. A bit irascible and cantankerous, she never sought you out. You always had to foist love on her. She mellowed a BIT over the last ten years but would growl if you loved on here a second too long in her count. We have set up a memorial page here: If you have lost a pet, I would appreciate hearing about it there.

Best wishes for a happier day!

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