Friday, February 17, 2006

Let's Be Civilized-Turn the Dang Thing to Silent!

We know you are addicted to communication devices. How do we know? The dang things go off here every day. To get into the library, patrons pass at least one sign that states library policy-"Silence your cellphone." I don't remember there being a line on the sign that says "This policy applies to everyone but you."

Let's try harder to not disturb our fellow learners! Turn them to silent when you enter. Besides, that little buzz in your pocket is pleasant!


Ashley said...

how true how true.... and very funny I might add..

Xyra said...

One big check for you!

I come to the library for peace and quiet, but sometimes I do not get what I came for due to a serious problem: cell phones in the library.

There is nothing more annoying than studying something utterly confusing and then losing all concentration because of the ringing of a nearby cell phone. The ring alone is enough to make me agitated. However, when the student feels the need to answer the phone call, my pulse really starts to race.

No one goes to the library seeking noise. Students go to the library for schoolwork. If I want to hear people talking, I will stay in my own room and turn my component on rather than make the trek down to the library. I go to the library in order to rid myself of all distractions, not to receive more.

It is not difficult to set a cell phone on silent mode. It is merely the pushing of a few buttons. Personally, I feel it is much easier for the cell phone users in the library to take ten seconds out of their day to silence their phones than for me to get back in my studying routine after the ringing interrupts it.

Like most others, when I have been taken out of “homework mode,” it is not easy to go back. I do not enjoy going to the library. I go the library to get my work done so I can do more enjoyable things with my time. Disruptions do not make time at the library shorter.

Although the ringing of a cell phone is not my favorite sound to hear while working on physics problems or writing a paper, I do have respect toward those who fumble for the silence button on their phone when they have noticed it’s annoyance to nearby students.

On the other hand, respect is lacking from those who find it necessary to answer the phone call and continue to hold a discussion without removing themselves from their cubby or table. The bathroom is not far away. One can easily hold a discussion there without disturbing those around them.

Is the person so important they must be talked to in the library and it cannot possibly wait?

The library is a place for studying, not socializing. The silence does not need to be broken. When cell phones are on silent mode, the caller I.D. and voicemail are still available for emergency situations. Therefore, it is the perfect solution to a serious problem.

So please, in respect for those of us who have difficulty concentrating and seek refuge at the library, silence cell phones when entering the library. It will help studying go smoother and decrease time in the library. :)