Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like out of Tolstoy!

I thought I would not get here through the drifts today. Being too cheap to buy a parking pass and having a difficult time with the environmental impact of driving when I live two blocks, sometimes those two blocks feel like two miles. This is especially burdensome when people do not shovel their walks- a violation of city ordinance. So rude! Maybe the city can sound a siren to get people out of bed and to the shovels! I wonder if our students from Wallowa and Baker counties will get here today. Drive safely all!


Soos said...


That LOOKS very idyllic. I'm sure it doesn't FEEL that way!

FYI, it has been 62 in the early morning hours. With wind chill, that is 52 or so, and COLD for us thin-blooded Hawaiians. Don't laugh!

It's been a year since I wore socks to bed, and I did last night!

Aloha, Soos

Anonymous said...

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