Friday, January 11, 2008

Recalled to life!

As many of you know (because I have made your life miserable from one time or another regaling you with tales of academic woe!) I have been in grad school for two years. Coursework ended on December 7th! I am just now realizing what that means. I can lay on the couch and read a book that I chose. I can sew up a project. I can knit a hat. I can watch The Sopranos. I can spend an hour being entertained by stupid cat videos on YouTube. I can go shopping. I can cook a meal. I can do the laundry. I can go visit a friend. I can practice music without watching the clock. I can write in my journal. I can go for coffee on weekends and do the NY Times crosswords (at least up to Wednesday!) I can write more to my sister. The list is getting longer and more glorious! I had no idea how much sacrifice was made for my degree program until it was over. That is fodder for thought.

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