Monday, December 19, 2005

A Friend in Need----Indeed!

A friend of mine just trekked in Nepal this summer and came back with over 200 slides of the most glorious scenery and glimpse of exotic life there. She wanted to make a slide show of them to show on people's televisions. "Oh, I can do that on my Mac" I told her, "That's what they are made for." So, for an hour before she arrived with camera in hand, I discovered that I had not ordered the SuperDrive model of the Mac Mini--so no DVD burning capacity. Rats!

I had to punt. I found a $30 shareware program on the internet called DVD PixPlay. It seemed in the description to do all I wanted so, I downloaded it on my PC that has a DVD burner. After the free trial run, I paid for it. Wow! Lots of bang for my buck! In no time, we had her slides arranged in order, worked on a title slide, tried to talk her into adding Nepalese music (no, she wanted to narrate) and then burned the show onto a CD-R disk as a VCD formatted-disk. I had never heard of VCD until then-pretty cool! I only had Mac DVD disks (why???) laying around at home-no disks for PC. Having a program that burns CDs that can be used as DVDs was the ticket. It is supposed to play on 97% of DVD players and it worked beautifully on my old garage sale DVD off-brand player.

Now, to ask Santa to buy a Super-Drive for my Mac Mini! Ho, ho, ha!


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