Monday, December 12, 2005

Take a break! Learn AND laugh!

Preparing browsing sleeves for the new DVDs that Pierce has acquired, reminds me of how much time I have spent in front of the tube! Yikers! It must have been during the summer -BEFORE I went back to grad school!

One of the films I prepared a sleeve for today is called "Good bye Lenin!" Winning six prestigious European Film awards, this coming-of-age adventure blends the fall of communism with the salient emotions of a family's love. To protect their mother (an ardent supporter of the Socialist East German state) from having another heart-attack, her son launches a plot to keep her from learning that the Berlin Wall has fallen. It is at once hilarious, yet tender as he rescues his plot from near-disaster, several times. It has English subtitles and is spoken in German. Well-worth the 121 minutes I spent watching it!

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