Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wishing Well but Feeling Like, uh... Hades

We said goodbye today to two of our beloved co-workers. Diana and Glenna. Diana has served as the Gov Docs librarian or four and a half years and has taught LIB 307 for the last two years. She recently tried to bring us all up to speed in finding cases in the Law Library. She is absolutely a fine professional to watch in motion! Her attitude toward patrons is always focused and matter how tired she is. She remains one of the most interesting people I know....What a thinker. She will be sorely missed. UNLV has got a live one on their hands now! Darn them!

Glenna has worked on the Sage Library Grant and is seeing the end of that grant tomorrow. Her outreach efforts have been enjoyed in the region. We have all benefited from her travel information and all the English phrases she has introduced to us. I am so appreciative that she brought me the shoulder bag I was dying for all the way from London. That is a friend! So far, she is staying in the area so she will be amongst--at least close by.

I know we are supposed to be glad for them and their future endeavours (Thanks, Glenna!) but I am sad to not have their offices to pop into and kibbitz! Vaya con Dios, mi amigas!

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