Thursday, December 01, 2005

Location! Location! Location!

That's the buzzword when buying property-and looking for a book here at Pierce. When you have found a title in the Webpac (new word for the card catalog online) make note of the Location box in the item's record. We have several special collections: Government Documents, Native American Collection, Law Library, Oregon Collection, Safe/Archives, Curriculum Library, Video/DVD, and Children's Collection. The call numbers can be identical across many different collections as they all use the Library of Congress classification to organize them within that collection.

So, make a note of where you are heading in the library BEFORE you leave the Webpac screen. It will save you time and frustration to be in the right part of the library to find your item. If you need a map of Pierce Library, or directions, just stop and ask the friendly staff members around on the floors.

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