Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fruitful Federation!

Of course you are too young to remember Carmen Miranda but I have included a photo of her so you can see what you missed. Maybe you think wearing fruit on your head a bit eccentric but her joie de vivre lives to this day in some of us. I often want to break out of the "goldfish bowl" and don the fruited chapeau! In an effort to make your searching in the databases more fun and fruitful (Ah, yes! There is a connection here!) we have added federated search capabilities to our database list.

Off our main webpage here at Pierce, there is a heading labeled "Find Journal/Newspaper Articles." Below that is a link "By Database Subject." Once you have clicked that link, you will encounter a long list of disicplines. Let's click on "Literature" and that click results in a list of specialized databases for literature. Halfway down, there is a link to one called EBSCO Humanities Search (see illustration below.) This is a federated search tool that enables you to search six or so databases in one swell foop! Very handy. As you search other disciplines you will find other federated searches amoung them. They all begin with EBSCO, our happy vendor who supplies us with this capability.

Try it! You'll like it! Now don that banana hat! Let's mambo!


Tasha said...

I think I actually remember a woman like this!!! Maybe it was just a banana commercial when I was little, however, I remember!

Deblogger said...

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