Monday, January 09, 2006

Lateral (Paper) Pass!

I know squat about football but I do know that a lateral pass or a backward pass in amateur play is a pass from teammate to teammate that is not used to advance yards. It serves as a maneuver to gain advantage on the field of play. This comes to mind when I see students printing a half ream of handouts at the beginning of the term. It is SOOOOOO convenient for professors to post their syllabi, handouts, assignments, etc. online now. Posting online assures that the materials are available wherever there is a computer. This is a tremendous advantage for the students, for if you lose a handout, you can retrieve another one.

However, here's the rub. The cost of printing has been passed to the student. Departmental budgets are not used as much for copying. Students pony up for paper and the library (supported with tech fees) ponies up for the ink and maintenance. Does this work for you? Do the advantages outweigh the cost for you?

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