Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Two times last week, students lost files using the ERC computers. They worked so hard on assignments and left them on our hard drives, expecting to retrieve and print them out on Monday. Every evening, our computers dump all documents so the files were gone. Even using a data recovery program was not successful. Heartbreak reigned. I would recommend using your iPod as a hard drive or a flash/thumb/gizmo USB drive to backup your data. It will be the best $40 or so you ever spent! They sell them at the bookstore on-campus. A the very least, email a copy of your files to yourself.

The university provides storage space for your files at http://www2.eou.edu/myfiles/
Follow the directions on that page to pull-down the server you are interested in: staff/faculty or student and then enter your account name. The account name is the part before the @ symbol in your EOU email address. Example: This " jdewey@eou.edu" email account would yield "jdewey" as the account name. This service does not extend to off-campus work but will serve as a keen place to backup your files as you move around the buildings and labs here at EOU.

Forewarned is forewarmed. It will save on Kleenex, too!

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