Thursday, January 26, 2006

Speaking of Lost!

Two wallets were lost in the library this past week-both returned to grateful owners. They were turned in by honest folks. Aren't we lucky to have such a community here at EOU? Unfortunately, it is not ALWAYS like that. I got my wallet stolen in Portland at the Portland State university hotel by going from my booth in the restaurant to the buffet table 10 feet away to get orange juice. I did not notice the wallet missing until I started to pay the bill. Backtracking across the parking lot to the car, retracing my steps to the hotel room, and then back to the restaurant (we always think it is our action that has misplaced an item) yielded no wallet. Circling back from the parking lot I spied my wallet behind a trashcan by the restaurant entrance. The cash was gone but all the credit cards were intact. People say I was lucky. It is sort of sad to consider yourself "lucky" to just have the cash stolen. The police dutifully wrote up the report. I am sure in Portland the range of crimes and their severity puts my issue pretty low on the roster of "things to follow up on." I kicked myself all the way back to La Grande. I mean, I am a person who locks the doors when I am in the house. I lived in Cincinnati for 17 years and learned a lot about being "city smart." Here at Pierce, we do all we can to assure your safety but do not use me as an example. Be aware that you are not in your living room. Our Lost and Found items are at the Circulation Desk and valuables we secure elsewhere. Ask me for those in the ERC.

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